Violence and commitment a study of dating couples did piper perabo dating lena headey

The only restriction placed on the sample is that respondents had to be at least 18 years old to participate in the study of attitudes toward dating/courtship violence.

This restriction was set to keep with previous research adding to the reliability of the findings and to protect minors.

For each of the items in the inventory, respondents were asked about frequency on a Likert-type scale from 1-never to 5-very frequently and about normalcy of behavior in a relationship on a scale from 1-highly unacceptable to 4-highly acceptable.

Two of the four added characteristics were obtained from Lane and Gwartney-Gibbs (1985).Moreover, acceptability of violence emerged as a significant moderator of the relationship between satisfaction and commitment in dating relationships when gender differences were assessed.Discussion of these findings and future research are included.Due to time constraints imposed upon the researcher, this study will be cross sectional and the classes chosen were for convenience purposes.A sample of 332 questionnaires was distributed to the classes to obtain a convenience sample of college students at the University of Central Florida.

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