Updating garmin nuvi 660

I use an imac and I heard about the express but really stumbled upon it and after down loading the program it worked flawlessly.

It showed that I needed a firmware upgrade and one of my voice files needed an upgrade. It even told me to insert a SD card to down load the North America update, or choose which to update.

I have considered writing up the cloning method as a FAQ. If there is a difference in Map Loading speed, I did not see it...

While I do figure out how to get the maps installed, by the time of the next update release I forgot what I did. Used it all last weekend, and it worked beautifully! I'm presently on a Mode 6 card, and it is a copy from the Mode 4 card that I used for the download.... I have considered writing up the cloning method as a FAQ.

This time, I downloaded to the computer and used Map Install to get it on the SD card. But the approach you have suggested looks to be a great solution too. (Which is now a backup that I put in the Garmin Manual printout). I will hope to try running both simultaneously sometime soon... What has held me back is my suspicion that Garmin is trying to eliminate the manual Map Updater program, first with Lifetime Map Updater (which was a total failure) and now with Garmin Express.

The basic procedure is this: 1) Fomat the SD card FAT32. 3) Copy file from your nuvi into the \Garmin folder of the SD. You should now be running with the new maps on the SD card.

4) Disconnect your nuvi and put the SD card in your computer's card reader. The SD card will be recognized as your nuvi 5) Proceed with the map update using Map Updater as normal. Look at Map Info to make sure the correct maps are enabled. (For those who remember, I have turned off all the IPS blocks in the router....) I did a screen capture of alandb's post and printed it out for the Manual I've Created...

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