Tales of dating and mating

He also talks about how homo sapiens tend to think that they are more evolved than other, but that's not true, all the other species have gone through evolution too.

They just have inherited different traits that helped them survive through natural selection. He uses backward chronology, instead of forward chronology because in backward chronology, no matter where you start, you end up celebrating the unity of life. In a backward chronology, the ancestors of any set of species must eventually meet at a particular geological moment.

Except for a few special cases, numerous extinct species and families such as the non-avian dinosaurs are excluded from the pilgrimage.

Eve's Tale touches upon coalescent theory, Mitochondrial Eve, Y-chromosomal Adam and polymorphism.

Dawkins' longest book to date, it was nominated for the 2005 Aventis Prize for Science Books.

Richard Dawkins starts the tale by talking about history.

Paperback versions and an abridged audio version (narrated by Dawkins and his wife Lalla Ward) have also been published.

Every newly recruited species, genus or family has its own peculiar features, often ones that are relevant to human anatomy or otherwise interesting for humans.Evolution has arrived at many millions of interim ends and organisms are still evolving.He believes that evolution is directional, progressive and even predictable.The last common ancestor is the one that they all share which he calls "Concestor".The oldest concestor is the grand ancestor of all surviving life forms on this planet.

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