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Unpeopled boreal forest stretches in all directions.

About 200 miles on, you pass the arctic circle, beyond which the sun never sets in midsummer, nor rises in midwinter.

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Midway through the mountains, scattered spruces cling only to valley bottoms; further upslope is tundra, covered only with low-lying plants.

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The most northerly plot is near a onetime modest landmark, the so-called Last Spruce, a starved-looking tree marked with a metal sign that said “Farthest North Spruce Tree on the Alaskan Pipeline – Do Not Cut.” A year or so ago, someone cut it down.

Part of the project involves mapping the sites with Li DAR, a surveying technology that shoots a pulsing laser to create an exquisitely detailed 3D landscape map.

How that all works, that’s precisely what we’d like to find out.

Led by Jan Eitel, a forest scientist at the University of Idaho, the scientists arrived by pickup truck in early June to set up the plots.

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