Kiefer sutherland and reiko aylesworth dating

Taylor Man on the Moon - Mimi No Deposit, No Return Sherman’s March - Becca Coltrane The West Wing - Janine Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Erica All Souls - Dr.Philomena Cullen Ed - Kate Harrison The American Embassy - Liz Shoop 24 - Michelle Dessler The Dead Zone - Natalie Connor North of Providence - Little Girl Voice The Last Full Measure - Mother CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Chandra Moore(on her storyline for season 3 of 24)-They didn't know.After her stint on 24, Aylesworth continued to work on other productions, such television shows Conviction and CSI, the play The Fearless, and the films Mr.Brooks (where she acted opposite Kevin Costner) and The Killing Floor.It’s a great opportunity to play an intelligent, strong-willed woman. It was important.(on her career)-Who's going to remember someone like me, who's had big parts in very small movies and small parts in big movies.Like in the Harrison Ford movie Random Hearts, I play the secretary of Harrison's dead wife. Following the dissolution of his marriage to the first lady, President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) is deep into his reelection campaign.

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But it's a rocky union that's tested throughout Day 3, by everything from charges of terrorism to exposure to a deadly virus.

They said: 'Look you're going to be exposed to the virus and we don't know whether we are going to kill you off or not.'So I was like: 'Wow!

Thank you.' (on her 24 character, Michelle Dessler)-That’s another thing.

Aylesworth expressed great interest in the popular television drama 24, but when she auditioned in 2001 for the role of Nina Meyers, she was turned down, giving the part instead to actress Sarah Clarke.

Aylesworth persevered and again auditioned for the show in 2002, this time for the role of Kate Warner.

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