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This reflects the multiplicity of contemporary art, craft and design in the immediate area.

The exhibitions feature emerging, mid career and senior artists; designers, artisans and students in post decondary arts education.

But Brown is defending his craft, saying she didn't take the proper steps to care for her eye after the tattoo.

"I wholeheartedly believe it wasn't my fault," Brown said in an email to CBC Friday.

The artist who left an Ottawa woman with vision loss in one eye after a tattoo injection went wrong is defending his actions, saying he didn't make any mistakes during the procedure.

Eric Brown tattooed the white of Catt Gallinger's right eye purple in an Arnprior, Ont., studio after-hours on the night of Sept. Gallinger told CBC News that she didn't sign a waiver, but trusted Brown, who she was dating at the time.

The Georgian College Campus Gallery's mandate is to deliver a diversity of visual arts programming.Over the last few weeks her vision has improved to blurry sight and she's now waiting for surgery — the globs of hardening ink still mottling her eye. "If the ink dries in my eye it can create a lot more severe damage." Doctors have scheduled a consultation for next week.If scans determine the ink has solidified on her retina, Gallinger said doctors told her they'll have to remove the eye.After two more consultations with other doctors, Gallinger received antibiotics to reduce the swelling.However, when she was finally able to open her eye, she said she couldn't see properly.

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