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When the deed was done, Quijada-Lara's partner wiped his genitals on the dress that Di Guilio wore when she married Pierce, and Quijada-Lara grabbed another piece of clothing to wipe a lube stain off the bed sheet. Cops nabbed the landlord when Pierce sent them the video captured by the Nest camera, and readers will not be surprised to learn the married couple left the premises soon after.

The whole sorry tale reminds us of an old and VERY NSFW joke...

In October 2016, the Signal protocol was reviewed by an international team of security researchers and got glowing reviews.

Reading the above, you might think you are fine since Whats App, Facebook Messenger, and Google Allo also use the Signal Protocol. Facebook Messenger and Google Allo don’t enable end-to-end encryption by default.

In a statement the company said: "recent years of increasing service costs and the ever-increasing burdens of data security and data protection have forced us to re-evaluate," and that its current model "is not sustainable".

Details can be found here: Google Acknowledges Droid Dream: Remotely Wiping Apps, Removing Exploit, Making Changes To Prevent It From Happening Again Update: For more details on Droid Dream, check out out the follow-up post.

It includes more information about the virus and how it works, who's to blame, and provides a link to a flashable . Openness - the very characteristic of Android that makes us love it - is a double-edged sword.

It defended its decision to discontinue the free seven-day storage, saying "companies are entitled to change their Terms and Conditions and do so all the time, especially in fast-moving industries like technology and data security.

"We considered all options, including offering a shorter free period, however storage is the relatively cheap bit.

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