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Pitch Black came to fame after the successful launch of their pop in Shoreditch late last year. Enjoy a warm welcome reception with prosecco on arrival before entering the unknown. Pitch Black is located in a secret central London location, surrounded by the trendiest restaurants, theater and shopping destinations of the Capital city.Entry to 'Pitch Black' is strictly on a bookings only basis, where tickets may be purchased via the website.Allocated time slots of 90 minutes are available for what is a fully experimental experience.Dismiss any fears you have about being cast into a disorienting dark den, as guests will initially enter a gently lit space, be formally introduced to their server and have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their surroundings before the lights go down.At lights out, staff and patrons are invited to remain communicative, discussing the festival of herbaceous, sweet, savory and floral treats set before them.I quite often got the tastes wrong, but enjoyable finding out where you went wrong. Booked for four cocktails but had two cocktails and two glasses of wine. I love the idea and having eaten at Dans Le Nior it follows a similar sensatorial concept.

With great shopping, restaurants, theaters and bars in the area, why not make a day of it.You can get the same cocktails at the tapas bar over the road (same people).Interesting experience but annoyingly we had people in the room who kept using their phone as a light look at the drinks.The session lasts for 90 minutes and is a completely interactive experience.Expect some witty banter, and a pleasant surprise once the drinks are revealed to you at the end of the session.

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